Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 Trends for Summer '12

1. Mint 

Mint has been popping up on runways everywhere this summer. Showing up in everything from blazers to bags, i have a feeling this trend isn't going anywhere any time soon. 

How To Style It:
- I personally like the look of small hints of mint. For me i would wear just a plain white tee and pair it with a mint cardigan. For a more classy look, you could add a lace skirt and maybe a nude flat. However if you wanted to go for more of an edgy look, i would pair the tee and cardigan with high waisted shorts and high tops. 

2. Lace 

Now, lace has always been somewhat of an underlying trend. But this summer it has really taken the stand. Lace can literally be put on anything and it looks fashionable! Even nails! Another great thing about lace, is that it can really be worn any way you want it to be worn. It can be casual... but also dressed up for a night out! 

How To Style It:
- Lace is one of my favorite trends for this summer, because you can honestly wear it so many different ways. One way to wear this is to simply get a white lace dress and a pop of color for the shoes. You can also choose to tie the shoes in with the dress by wearing a similar colored thin belt around your waist, or a colored jewelry, or even carrying a neon purse!

3. Maxi Skirts 

Maxi skirts are one of the biggest trends right now. I can definitely say that every time i turn my head i see a different person wearing one! I remember i found an old maxi skirt in my closet a while back and thought to my self.. why would someone ever wear this? And what do you know! i find myself wearing this thing all the time! I believe maxi skirts are really a staple item. Along with the lace trend, you can really wear one any time  for any occasion!

How To Style It:
- I love the look of maxi skirts with thick belts around the waist. To complete this outfit i would wear gladiators, or wedges. And for a top you could either go two ways, tuck in a tight tank top or tee, or (my favorite way) wear a flowy crop top. If you do go with option 2, the crop top, make sure it isn't too long, you don't want to look like you're wearing a potato sack! 

4. Crop Pants

Now, i think crop pants could really go either way. If you style them right they most definitely will work! However, if you don't... they could just look like you forgot to buy new pants and you had to break out the ones from 6th grade. And trust me, NO ONE wants that!

How To Style It:
- Whenever I wear crop pants, i usually always tuck in whatever shirt i am wearing. Just because since the pants are already at somewhat of an awkward length, you dont want to cut of the line even shorter, so your legs look stubbier. You want to give the illusion on long slim legs. 

5. Chunky Necklaces 

Chunky necklaces are all the rage right now! I absolutely love them! They can really be the statement item to any outfit. This is also another trend that i don't see leaving any time soon. 

How To Style It:
- I think these necklaces could really go with any outfit. The only thing i would say is that you shouldn't pair a bust necklace with a busy outfit. So, for example if you already are wearing a patterned dress or colored jeans, then pair it with a simple stoned necklace. But, if you are wearing just a plain outfit, mix it with a wild necklace to balance out texture and color. 

6. Dip Dyed or Ombre Hair
Unfortunately I do think this trend will die down... and quickly. I was never a big fan of this myself, but some people could definitely pull it off.

I hope all of these were helpful to you, or at least fun to read!  Im loving this whole blogging thing :)

Love Always,
Paige <3


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